Digital Financial Services

Vizadry Architecture, Service & Framework


A modular transaction servicing front-end delivery platform for Individual / Retail, SMEs, Corporate & Enterprises


Runs on open standard technologies for ease of integration & deployment in today’s mix of hybrid technologies insurance environments.


Version 4.0 is current latest version with major redesign & rework from ground-up; feature rich back-office, internationalization, data/file mapper, mobile approvals, responsive web-UI (Bank & Customer), SOA integration, Workflow & Business Rules Engine.


Recommended technology stack supported on LINUX / UNIX and on common technology stacks from Open Source, RedHat, IBM and Oracle running on-prem and cloud.

Benefits of Our Solution Platform

The following points list the benefits of choosing the VIZARDRY product and iMocha as your implementation partner:

  • Domain knowledge and successful implementation of transaction portals and insurance domain.
  • Fully proven technology stack performing multiple transaction insurance functions in various banks and payment processing scenarios.
  • Technology supports on-prem and cloud infrastructure. Take consideration running non production environment on cloud to save cost yet provides optimal performance.
  • Technically sound team members with relevant experience on VIZARDRY and transaction services.
  • Optimised server components that run on lead infrastructure and designed to run on clustering on virtualized environment.
  • Our delivery proposal will be a joint support and eventual of onboarding GBSN team members. iMocha facilitates training and hands on AGILE & DEVOPS support capability.
  • Flexible solution architecture that is scalable.
  • Fully aware of current BNM IT project approval processes and compliance requirements in line with the respective BNM GPIs, risk framework and outsourcing approval criteria.

Future-Proofing the Digital Servicing Infrastructure

The technology stack and architecture design of VIZARDRY allows for scalable and pluggable options to create a customised suite dedicated for the unique purpose of any implementation. By using open standards and reliable development toolkits and frameworks, we are able to reuse many components or reconfigure components to suit other use cases with minimal customisation.

The solution is cloud ready and we even recommend the bank consider establishing a cloud environment for non-production environments. The VIZARDRY base is supported on microservices and APIs to simplify communication requirements while taking into account data and security requirements. As iMocha is also a provider of numerous fintech and startup components to our clients, we are able to consolidate and provision for advanced requirements through a simpler application design.

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